Summary of the GSA Platform Forum from December 2, 2019

The next edition of the GSA Platform FORUM was held on 2nd December  2019 in Warsaw and was  an occasion to summarise 5 years of the platform functioning as well as launching the first annual report of the GSA Platform.

The most important aspects of the GSA Platform’s activities in 2018/2019 gas year  and planned activities have been presented  in its annual report, which is already available here. It contains the summary of allocation of primary and secondary capacity in the  last gas year, describes the newly implemented services (e.g. procedure for assessing market demand for incremental capacity) and gives the view of the EU regulatory issues, security of services as well as the offer for the new users and transmission system operators.  The report is available both in Polish and English.

We encourage you to download materials from the GSA Platform FORUM containing i.a. the summary of 2019 market satisfaction assessment and to follow the GSA Platform’s activity on the new LinkedIn profile.

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About the GSA Platform Report

In order to ensure the best possible communication with users and operators as regards the functioning of platform, the GSA Platform  Operator has taken a decision to prepare, after the end of each gas year, a report summarising and evaluating the activities carried out by the GSA Platform in a given period. The conclusions and analyses resulting from the report will be presented during the GSA Platform FORUM, which will be organised after the end of each gas year.