ENTSOG publishes the Capacity Auction Calendar for 2023/2024
The Auction Calendar for 2023/2024, which provides all relevant dates for capacity auctions is now available on ENTSOG website: Download the Auction Calendar.

The auction calendar on the GSA Platform has been updated in line with ENTSOG’s requirements: www.gsaplatform.eu/auctionyearcalendars

Key auction dates for firm capacity are:
•    Annual yearly capacity auction – 3 July 2023.
•    Annual quarterly capacity auctions – 7 August 2023, 6 November 2023, 5 February 2024, and 6 May 2024.
•    Rolling monthly capacity auctions – third Monday of M-1, with exceptions, in particular if the date corresponds with a European public holiday. In this case, the auction will be postponed to the next day following the European bank holiday.
•    Rolling day-ahead capacity auctions – D-1, 14:30 (UTC) during daylight saving time, 15:30 (UTC) during wintertime.
•    Within-day capacity auctions – each hour for the period starting from +4 hours until the end of the gas day.

The calendar also includes dates for auctions of interruptible capacity.