Summary of the long-term capacity booking in the yearly auctions on the GSA Platform

The yearly auctions in which long-term capacity was offered by TSOs: GAZ-SYSTEM, GAZ-SYSTEM ISO, NET4GAS, GAS TSO OF UKRAINE LLC, AB Amber Grid, Eustream and Energinet have ended on Monday 4th of July 2022.

As a result of the auctions, capacity was allocated for the 2022/2023 gas year: 1 066 000 kwh/h, for gas year 2023/2024: 50 000 kwh/h, for gas year 2024/2025: 50 000 kwh/h, for gas year 2025/2026: 50 000 kwh/h.

Firm capacity, which was not sold within yearly products for the following gas year (from 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2023), will be made available to market participants during auctions of short-term products, such as quarterly, monthly, daily, and within-day products.

Auctions of interruptible capacity within yearly products will be held, in accordance with the auction calendar on the 18th July 2022, on the GSA Platform, after all requirements under the CAM NC have been met.

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