ENTSOG consultation

On the 9th of February 2021 ENTSOG launched a public consultation on the amendment of the Common Data Exchange solution table between network users and capacity booking platforms.   

Consultation is based on the proposed solution for the Functionality (FUNC) issue 01/2019 raised by Equinor and ENGIE regarding ‘Missing harmonisation of interfaces on capacity platforms’. Following the outcome of assessment of the reported FUNC issue, ENTSOG and ACER have proposed the following amendments:

1. Amendment of the Common Data Exchange Solution Table as stated in Annex II  of the solution for this issue i.e. change to ‘document-based’ exchange solution (AS4 and Edig@s) as common solution for interactions between Network Users and Capacity Booking Platforms and leave the ‘interactive’ data exchange as a voluntary option (HTTP/S). Edig@s and AS4 protocol are recommended communication format in the Network Code on Interoperability and Data Exchange (INT&DE NC) and are used by GSA Platform.

2. Amendment of Articles 1(2), 20(1)&(2) and 23 (1)&(2) of the INT&DE NC as stated in Annex I  of the solution for the FUNC issue.

Additional information on the consultation of the CNOT amendment process, which ENTSOG is required to run by Article 24(2) of the INT&DE NC, is available in ENTSOG’s press release

We encourage all Network Users to take part in the public consultation by filling in the questionnairehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CDEST

A video explaining the details of the FUNC issue, in particular changes proposed to CNOT table, is available here: https://vimeo.com/504810322

The consultation is open until 26 March 2021