About GSA Platform

GSA Platform is a modern, state-of-the art and compliant with the EU gas market regulations Great Solution for Auctioning natural gas transmission capacities. GSA Platform provides a single IT tool to gas Transmission System Operators and shippers (Capacity Responsible Parties) respectively for offering capacities of interconnection points and booking gas transmission capacities on a primary and secondary market.

GSA Platform offer is targeted in particular to operators being ahead of choosing capacity booking platform for the existing or new interconnection points. Our team supports TSOs in implementing EU gas network codes and development of their internal and, consequently European gas market. We are also open for implementing functionalities stemming from national regulations or tailored to TSOs and shippers needs. Our goal is to guarantee top quality services meeting legal requirements and bring GSA Platform’s clients satisfaction.

GSA Platform informative brochure

What makes GSA Platform a great solution for auctioning?

Our goal is to provide GSA Platform TSO members and shippers (Capacity Responsible Parties) with the secure services of the highest quality standard while ensuring their price competitiveness and constant adaptation to our clients’ needs and regulatory requirements.

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